Resumes & Templates & Cover Letters

Hi, gang! I’m Quentin Schultze (AKA Dr. Q), your personal resume guru, here to help you college students, graduates, and other underemployed folks write resumes and cover letters that really  generate interviews and land jobs. My book, Resume 101: A Student and Recent-Grad Guide to Crafting Resumes and Cover Letters that Land Jobs, provides the most up-to-date, effective tips available.

Over 100 endorsements from leading professionals and professors demonstrate that my book is by far the leader. Over half of the topics listed in my book’s index are missing in other books and websites (you can see the index in the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon). Here’s a brief description of some of the great job-getting tips explained in my book:


  • what to include when you lack paid professional experience
  • how to get great references even from people you don’t know well
  • why and how to use a summary instead of an objective statement on your resume
  • when to include hobbies, travel, and technology skills on your resume or cover letter
  • why you should NOT list on your resume most college courses you’ve already taken
  • what to do if your GPA is unimpressive
  • which designs and basic templates work the best
  • how to determine the perfect verbs and adjectives for a specific job
  • the 5 things you MUST address in a cover letter


  • an in-depth index so you can find exactly what you need
  • before-and-after samples of resumes
  • a helpful flow chart for writing resumes and cover letters
  • “Dr. Q’s Tips” based on hundreds of actual students’ and college graduates’ experiences
  • “Expert Advice” columns about resume writing from dozens of publications not available online
  • a categorized list of “action verbs” that appeal to potential employers
  • sample resumes with cover letters—so you can see how they work together

This is the top book on resumes for college students, graduates, dropouts, and underemployed folks. Please give a copy to someone you know who really needs help. The publisher, Ten Speed / Random House, and I have kept the price down to serve as many people as we can with this book. I use these effective principles in this book with my own college students all the time. They really work well.

—  Dr. Q  (read more about me)