How long should a résumé be?

A college student résumé does not have to be limited to one page. Normally two pages are fine as long as the material is well-written, relevant to the specific job application and career field, and carefully edited to avoid passive language and wordiness.

As I point out in the book, there are a few professions and situations where you must limit your résumé to one page—but don’t assume that just because you are a college student or a recent graduate (say, 3–5 years ago) you are limited to a page. That’s a myth.

But don’t use a second page if you have only a few lines of material on it. Reformat your résumé to put the material comfortably on one page. You can reduce the font size to 11 pt if you need to.

Of course, if you include material on a second page make sure that all of the material on both pages is truly worth including on the résumé. Don’t use a second page to add irrelevant information.

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